Residential Life Funding and Program Proposal

By completing this form you agree to abide by Residential Life’s Co-Programming Guidelines and/or expectations around funding. If you do not agree, do not submit this form.

If you would like to program on the Hill please SUBMIT THIS FORM AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS prior to your proposed event date (note: some events require more time). If you have any questions, please email

If you’re interested in partnering with Residential Life on your event proposal, please include the information in the form below.

Additionally, if you would like to request funding for part or all of your event, include the information regarding your funding request in the form below. If you do not need funding for your event proposal, you may disregard the funding request section.

If you are interested in requesting supplemental funds for an event you are hosting on campus with your registered student organization, please fill out all sections in the form below.

About You
Please contact your SOLE/FSL Advisor before submitting this proposal.
Program Description

Please give a detailed description of your program. You can describe the theme, proposed agenda, possible activities, logistical needs, and any other details that you feel would best represent your proposed program. Be clear and be descriptive!

Please provide multiple dates and times.
Funding Request

Only respond to these if you are requesting money for your engagement.

Itemized List of ENTIRE EVENT in the following format: PRODUCT NAME, VENDOR, COST
Itemized List of the items you are requesting funding from Res Life for in the following format: PRODUCT NAME, VENDOR, COST
Please include funding sources which you have or plan to apply.